How to order - desktop version

To access your pictures, you can either

a) click on the link in the email you have received from Fotosko
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Create an account or Connect to an account

  • Click the link in the email you received from us.

  • Enter your email address.

  • You will then have to fill in the requested information and create a password if you do not have an account yet.


NOTE: If your child was photographed by Fotosko last year, enter the same email address you used last year - so you will also have access to photos from previous years.


View your photos

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Click on this arrow to toggle between different child's gallery

Here is your picture gallery. Scroll down to see all your pictures

Buy what you really need

Why buy a set that includes too many wallet size photos (which will end up in the back of a filing cabinet) and not enough 5x7 for your needs?

At Fotosko, we hate waste! This is why whether you purchase a package or a single sheet in combo or by the sheet, you will choose what will be printed.

Here is a standard 8x10 printing sheet. Purchased alone or in a package, just imagine that you are buying a blank page.

For instance, let’s take our most popular package, the AWARD, which includes 4 - 8x10 sheets.



For each sheet, you can choose the layout, and therefore the number, format and arrangement of the photos that will be printed, from our selection of layouts. Here are a few examples.

exemples templates.jpg
exemples templates.jpg

So for Megan's family, the AWARD combo could look like this ...

... and for Logan's family, the same AWARD combo might look like this.

* à l'exception du combo la RENTRÉE pour lequel vous ne choisissez qu'une pose


Click on CHANGE DESIGN. A drop-down menu will appear in a window.

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CAUTION: Do not click on "ADD COMBO TO BASKET" before having chosen your poses and layouts.

You must complete STEPS 1 and 2 BEFORE



YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL! With Fotosko, you can not only combine several poses in a combo *, but you can also mix different pictures on a single sheet * at no additional cost.



Do you have more than one kid at the same school? Opt for the FAMILY PACK combo which allows you to combine photos of all the members of your family.

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To change the picture, click on the box for which you want to change the photo. Then click on the desired photo in the gallery and click Insert.

NOTE: If the image does not appear in the correct direction, change the orientation by clicking on Rotate in the toolbar.

What you see is what you get - it will be printed as it appear on the screen.



Our system will suggest layout templates and insert photos by default. The sheets will be printed as you see them on the screen. The content of your combo box is displayed at the top of the screen. You can change each of the sheets by selecting it.

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Milan collage.jpg

A COLLAGE is a composite of multiple pictures that is meant to be framed or kept as is.  The pictures in a collage are not standard sizes, therefore they are not meant to be cut and used separately.


A STANDARD SHEET is a combination of standard sizes pictures on a sheet, meant to be cut and use separately. You can still combine different pictures but you could also choose a single pose to fill all the spaces.